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Saturday, July 12, 2014

50 Words For Kate: #46 - Cropping

Say what you like about Kate Bush, but she takes a good photo. I'm not just talking about her obvious physical attributes, which even a devout gay like myself can appreciate, but her spirit, aura, vibe - call it what you will. Over the years Kate has done hundreds of photo shoots from standard headshots to elaborate set pieces with costumes and props. Early in her career Kate was obviously learning on the job, which led to some photographs she may wish had never seen the light of day.... but, thanks to the Internet, they will live forever!

Famously, her launch photo, which appeared on giant posters across London, caused many a head to turn and car to crash... can you guess why?

Needless to say, this image was soon cropped!

Next, two of the planets most intelligent creatures get acquainted.

This one probably has something meaningful to say about the oppression of women in pop music...

Maybe they lost the bottom half of the outfit.

Found it!

It also comes in gold...

Kate liked this outfit so much, she decided to take her crocodile for a walk...

Ok, that's enough. Don't we all have some photos in our past we wish we could wipe from history? Just to prove these are the exceptions rather than the rule, here's one of my favourite early Kate pictures to savour.

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  1. Interesting. I remember seeing these photos of Kate back in 1979 in a "pop stars of the year"-type book at something like a Walden's bookstore in Jackson, Michigan, U.S. and thinking, "Wow! She is so cool!" I was 16, sexually confused, and just didn't notice then what I see now. I still like them, but I've read that Kate definitely does not, with the exception of the dolphin one which was used on a single sleeve. The others were done while in Amsterdam promoting, and seems to have been misguided all around. The result was putting the breaks on just who and who could NOT photograph Kate for publicity. When she says that she stopped touring because she felt "so exposed," or some variation on that, she's also referring to some of these photos. I think the last one, in red, is a more "official" one, though not to everyone's taste, obviously.